Weaver Consulting Services Inc. is dedicated to working with the OpenVMS Operating System. We provide on-site and remote system management of mission critical systems. The founder has been working with OpenVMS since 1984 when it was still called VMS and owned by digital. He holds both an "OpenVMS Systems Administrator" and an "OpenVMS Systems Engineer" certificate. Weaver Consulting Services Inc. was formed in 2003 and has been selling, installing and supporting Virtual VAX and Virtual Alpha systems since then.

At the 2008 OpenVMS Advanced Technical Update the people from what used to be OpenVMS.org announced that Weaver Consulting Services Inc. won first place in the "Systems Management/Performance" category of the "Readers' Choice Awards." 2008 was the only year this award was created. This award was designed to give the community an opportunity to show their appreciation and gratitude to vendors, consultants, trainers, etc. for:

  1. Product and/or Service excellence
  2. Commitment to OpenVMS and the community

We are extremely honoured by this award and by the great comments made by the people who nominated us. For more information about the award take a look at the About Us page.

Weaver Consulting Services Inc. is an authorized reseller for vtVAX and vtAlpha which replaces old VAX and Alpha hardware with modern hardware. We also sell and install Process Software's PreciseMail Anti-Spam software and Attachmate's Reflection terminal emulator.

We can also help if you need OpenVMS specialists for short term, full time or per call work. Check out our Outourcing page for details.

This website is running OpenVMS Alpha V8.4 on the vtAlpha platform.