Who We Are
Weaver Consulting Services Inc. is dedicated to the promotion of the OpenVMS operating system and its user community.

Our Purpose
Weaver Consulting Services Inc. provides OpenVMS System Management consulting and services. WCS has expertise in all system management suites and tools available for OpenVMS. We will assist you in selecting the right combination of tools for your site and guide you through installation and use.

Our History

Weaver Consulting Services Inc. was incorporated in 2003. Our founder has over 38 years of hands-on experience with OpenVMS. Peter Weaver is mentioned in the OpenVMS FAQ, which used to be at http://www.hoffmanlabs.com/vmsfaq/, the OpenVMS Programming FAQ that used to be at http://pdv.pdv-systeme.de/users/martinv/VMS_Programming_FAQ.html and the Undocumented OpenVMS Commands: Hall of Fame that used to be at http://zinser.no-ip.info/www/eng/vms/qaa/hof.htmlx. All three of these sites are no longer operating

Our Culture
Weaver Consulting Services Inc. still believes that the customer comes first. At WCS you do not get market speak or current buzzwords, you get solid technical support for everything involving OpenVMS.

When WCS was nominated for "Systems Management/Performance" category of the OpenVMS.org Readers' Choice Awards the nominators from the two different companies sent me a copy of their nominations. Here is what they had to say;
Customer #1;
You always receive excellent work from Weaver Consulting. If Peter (Weaver ) doesn't know how to solve the problem then you are in trouble. He is indeed dedicated to the mastery of the OpenVMS operating system. Peter did work for us for about 10 years and he held our VMS servers ( about 30 at that time ) together.
Customer #2;
Peter has successfully managed our alpha cluster for almost 1- 1/2 years. Under his management, our system performance has improved greatly despite heavy resource usage and despite the fact that his predecessors were unable to make any progress in resolving the bottlenecks. Peter is extremely knowledgeable and always conscientious. He responds quickly and competently to whatever arises and regularly takes a proactive approach in detecting potential problems and resolving them before they occur.

Once the people at OpenVMS.org announced that WCS was one of the three finalist in the category I started receiving emails from people across Canada letting me know that they voted for me. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for WCS.

For more information about Peter Weaver and for some great recommendations from customers and co-workers please check Peter's LinkedIn Profile.