vtAlpha is a replacement for your old AXP or Alpha hardware. The OpenVMS applications and Operating System run on vtAlpha exactly the same way as they ran on the old hardware. Your users see no difference in the application.

Since vtAlpha runs on modern, off the shelf, X86 hardware you do not have to spend hours searching eBay for used parts or paying a field service company hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have someone show up at your door who you hope might remember what an Alpha looks like.

vtAlpha runs on "Bare Metal" meaning that you do not have to first install another operating system under it. You simply boot from a DVD or USB or disk image, answer a few questions and the software is installed as an appliance. The server that vtAlpha runs on can be a standalone server or a virtualized machine or even in the cloud. That old Alpha 4100 taking up the room of four standard servers in your rack can now be in the cloud. To migrate your current systems it is really as simple as configuring the virtual machine to look like your old hardware, use our disk migration tool to backup your old hardware to the new server, boot the Alpha CDROM and restore the backup on the virtual machine then boot. The passwords stay the same, the access stays the same, the applications stay the same. Nothing needs to be compiled or rebuilt.

If you would like more information about vtAlpha then go to the Contact page and let us know what your questions are.